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Ready Reserve Foods, Inc.


A real life example of emergency storage.

Posted by Kelley Blanton on

This week has been interesting for us here at Ready Reserve Foods, Inc.  On Monday morning, just down the street from our building/offices, the water main ruptured under the street.  For the first few days our street and many others around us were on a "boil water ordinance," meaning that we were strongly advised to boil all water before using it.  A small group of our neighbors were completely without water.  

Let me back up a bit.  For the last 14+ years, we have been using our Berkey Water Filter in our office to filter the city water that we use.  We've also used this same filter for demonstrations and testing, so we're VERY confident in the Berkey Water Filter and what it can do, which is why we offer it to our customers.  The Berkey has a holding tank at the bottom of the filter where it holds 3 gallons of filtered water.  Every other day, we refill the Berkey so there is always a fresh supply of water available as we drink it all day long.  So, last Friday, as usual, we refilled the Berkey so we'd be good to go Monday morning.  

When Monday morning rolled around and we immediately walked into the "boil water ordinance", we weren't worried at all! We already had a fresh filtered supply of water AND any of the water that we did pull from the tap would be more than safe once it had been filtered through the Berkey, don't worry, we checked!  

In light of this, we got a phone call from our local news paper asking how we were being effected by the street closure and boil ordinance.  Honestly, it was kind of a fun conversation considering I got the chance to point out one of many many uses for emergency preparedness that goes beyond the scope of what people normally consider a "disaster."  

You see, disasters come in all shapes in sizes, ranging from the catastrophic to the mundane.  This is one of those instances where it paid off to be prepared even though we hadn't planned on it.  We had safe drinking water at all times in a situation where most in our area did not.  

You can read the article here:

If you'd like more information about the Berkey Water Filter, you can find that here:

Have a great weekend and remember, it is always better to be prepared one year too early, than one day too late! 


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