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InstaFire - Individual Pouch


InstaFire - Individual Pouch

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Product Description

InstaFire - Single Use Mylar Pouch

InstaFire is an ideal brand of FUEL and an optimal FIRE STARTER. This bulk bucket of InstaFire provides the fuel you need for your next outdoor adventure in an easy to carry and store way.


Burns "green" — no harmful chemicals.
Safely stores near food.

Perfect substitute for wood, charcoal or propane.
Lights and burns in wind, rain, sleet or snow.
Burns wet firewood — at almost 1000°, InstaFire quickly dries out wet wood.

Lights in less than a second.
Compact and lightweight — easily fits and carries anywhere.
InstaFire is made from a patented blend of recycled wood, inert minerals and paraffin wax. This patented formula is what makes InstaFire easy to light and stay lit even under extreme conditions. InstaFire is also safe to store, outdoors or in, even next to food.

InstaFire is versatile with a wide-variety of uses. It will light charcoal briquettes, dry or damp firewood or perform as a standalone fuel source. Whether roughing it in the wilderness or relaxing at home, Instafire is perfect when wanting to stay warm, dry and fed.

you ever need a fire to keep dry, warm or fed, then you will want InstaFire. It easily lights, even in inclement weather. It also an optimal solution for storing emergency fuel for a rainy day. With a shelf life of 30 years, InstaFire eliminates the need to rotate fuel every few years or worry about local flammable storage ordinances.

InstaFire is so lightweight and compact that a couple of pouches easily fit into a glove box. Since it’s not combustible, there are no risks of unexpected fires. However, not putting InstaFire in your car is a big risk.

It has made the difference of life or death for one of our customers in Canada. He writes:

I just wanted to say that your product is great and helped a buddy of mine survive an unexpected night in the woods.

In preparation for our annual camping and ice fishing trip, I tossed three packs of InstaFire into his truck. Last week, he was out when his truck broke down. He used InstaFire to start a fire and keep warm all night. It dropped to -23°C, but he had no issues lighting a fire or keeping warm.

The wood was wet from all the snow we had, so InstaFire was the only shot he had for survival.

He was rescued by a motorist the following day and asked me to thank you.

Peter Brennan

Liquid fuels or propane are difficult to store long-term. They degrade over time and they are subjected to city storage ordinances. Unlike volatile alternatives, InstaFire is made of all-natural ingredients that you can store long-term indoors and out.

Disasters could leave you without power and natural gas for days, weeks, or even months. Make InstaFire the foundation of your fuel storage plan and a necessity for your emergency preparedness.

InstaFire will have you ready for your rainy day today or in 30 years.

On the average, InstaFire can produce a 12–16 inch flame for 15-30 minutes, depending on conditions and amount used..

Lighting InstaFire takes ½ to1 second, depending on the humidity and type of match or lighter used. It lights much like an ordinary candle. InstaFire is NOT a combustible fuel, and therefore, there is no risk of explosions.InstaFire does NOT contain any harmful chemicals or vapors, including Benzene. Instafire is water resistant; it will work if it gets wet. It even lights and burns while floating on top of water. You can smother the fire and then reuse InstaFire when needed. While lighting InstaFire in the wind, you will need to shield it; however InstaFire will burn in up to 30 M.P.H. winds once lit. InstaFire will boil 2 cups of water uncovered in approximately 15 minutes.



1. Pour 1/2 cup of InstaFire on nonflammable surface.

2. Light InstaFire (InstaFire is not actively flammable or volatile. There are no risks of flareups).

3. For best results, occasionally stir the InstaFire until completely burned.

4. When using as a sole source of fuel add 1/2 cup of InstaFire every 15-20 minutes to keep your fire burning.

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